Who are you, anyway....? 

 - Guitarist, multi-instrumentalist,    songwriter, producer 

 - Years of experience in professional live   touring and recording environments 

 - Experienced in sound recording and    engineering in pro studio environments  

 How does remote session    recording work...? 

 - Send me your tunes (bounced wavs,    stems, or session projects) for remote    guitar additions & overdubs 

 - Include 1-3 reference tracks of desired    aesthetic, or any notation if you have a    specific part in mind 

 - Can play in a multitude of styles and    achieve a wide variety of recorded sounds,    production techniques and guitar tones  


 How do I get in touch...? 

 - All enquiries: 

 What gear are you working with...? 

 - Glad you asked! Check out the equipment   list below:  


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 - 1967 Gibson Hummingbird (acoustic) 

 - 1970 Eko Ranger (12-string acoustic) 

 - 1965 Gibson Firebird 1 non-reverse    (electric)  

 - Vintage Fender Stratocaster (electric) 

 - 1980 Fender Stratocaster (12-string) 

 - Taylor GS Mini (acoustic) 

 - Rickenbacker 4003S  (bass) 


 - Vintage VOX AC30 (greenbacks) 

 - Laney Lionheart LH30 (head+cab) 

 - HIH VS Musician (vintage solid state   head) 



 - Sony C-38B vintage condenser  

 - AKG C414 B- ULS (PAIR) 

 - AKG C451 (PAIR) 

 - Electrovoice RE20  

 - Shure SM57 x2 

 - Royer Ribbon 



 - FocusRite ISA Microphone Pre's 

 - Drawmer 1960 Stereo Tube Compressor

 - Warm 1176 Compressor 

 - ART PRO VLA Stereo Tube Compressor 

 - Roland RE201 Space Echo 

 - Pioneer SR202W Spring Reverb 

 - Teac A-3440 4 track tape machine 

 - Alesis Quadraverb effects processor 

 Synthesizers / Other 

 - SIEL Orchestra 2 (string ensemble synth) 

 - Roland Juno 106 

 - Wurlitzer 200A 

 - Alesis HR16 Drum Machine